Frequently Asked Questions

SOFC – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. SOEC – Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell. An SOFC stack converts the fuel (CH4, H2, etc.,) into electricity and heat whereas an SOEC stack converts the heat and electricity into fuel.
Fuel ⇌Electricity+Heat
Our stack is based on electrolyte supported CFY based SOFC technology.
Both. They have the capability to produce power during SOFC operation and fuel during SOEC mode.
mPower stacks are available from 0.3 kW to 10 kW
Wherever electricity, heat and fuel are required, mPower stacks are the reliable and affordable option.
mPower stacks are built to make life very easier just like a plug and play system. Safety precautions are already considered in our product design so the system can handle them automatically. Also developments are in progress such that any abnormalities to the stack during the operation will be notified by the fuel cell system which then could directly be informed our service team, who will be ready and always reachable.
The efficiency of the stack varies with the overall system components due to various parameters like fuel inputs, electricity drawn as well as other system operating conditions.
The operating temperature is between 600 to 900 °C under atmospheric pressure.
The SOFC/SOEC stacks were tested to be reliable* for safer and continuous operation. The tested lifetime for SOFC operation was >30000 h and in SOEC mode it was >3000 h.
The mPower stacks are compact, designed for industrial standard to fit various fuel cell systems. Stack and stack module customizations are also possible depending upon the customer requirements.
In comparison with other fuel to energy convertors like Diesel generators, the advantages of mPower stacks are higher efficiency and provides green & clean energy. Also the emissions are zero with the capacities to provide continuous and affordable supply of electricity and heat.
The product is on the demo projects and with the present increasing customer demands every month for our stacks, we see the commercialization of the product is not so far.
The contact details for the stack purchase is available from our website or you can send your written inquiries with all necessary information to We will get back to you within 24h.
Yes. This will be specified and provided while quoting the offers.
Yes. No doubt about that. More than a green product, you are opting for a clean, reliable as well as an affordable product available in the complete energy market.
mPower focusses only on the research, production and supply of SOFC stacks. The reason is to have a clear business goal and also we wanted to be a preferred supplier of SOFC stacks for various industry standards to meet different application for various global energy demands.
mPower offers software as well as tools for safety and maintenance of the stacks, depending on customer requests.