Gas to Power

• Decentralized energy production for domestic and commercial applications.

• Decentralized energy production for domestic and commercial applications.

Development of mini-grid for electricity and gas.

Power to Gas

  • Utilization of excess energy from renewables and storing them as Fuel (Hydrogen) using SOEC.
  • Further production of commercial products like bio-methane, aromatic chemicals, etc., through the concept called Power to Products.
  • Increasing efficiencies by using waste heat in industrial processes

The SOEC stacks from mPower enables you to generate fuel (Hydrogen) when excess and cheap electricity and heat are available. The fuel produced can be stored for future energy demands which makes it efficient in replacing the energy storage using batteries. Besides, the hydrogen produced can also be utilized to produce various market demanding products like Bio-methane, aromatic chemicals, etc.,

Beyond Energy Generation

The SOEC technology can be integrated with multiple advanced technologies to provide solutions beyond energy generation. The SOFC stack technology can bring true value addition to industries.

The hydrogen from SOEC can be utilised for production of value added chemicals such as waxes for the cosmetics industry, production of medicines and compounds for pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, hydrogen can be blended in the natural has grid and pipelines to reduce emissions and increase the energy value and reduce usage costs.

  • Integrated fuel cell solutions
  • HotBox design

Stack modules

With the robustness and scalability, SOFC/SOEC stack modules are developed for customer demands >1 kW. Currently we offer our customers with stack modules ranging from 5 kW to 50 kW power output.

mPower Advantage

  • Ensure supply of high quality stacks to customers across the globe.
  • Provide warranty and service to products.
  • Investing to resolve the customer pain points through innovative developments in the stack.
  • Proven reliability with more than 20000 h operational lifetime
  • Tolerance to fuel impurities and ability for multi-fuel operation

Stack Endurance and Cyclisation Testing

Solutions with mPower

Delivery packages for MK352 stacks and add ons

Fraunhofer IKTS
Support for stack testing
Stack integration for furnace operation
Hotbox for operation with preheated gases without furnace
Stack module assembly for power > 1kW
System development for special customer needs
mPower GmbH
MK352 stacks with 10 to 40 cells, including test record and operation manual

CFY stack integration into systems requires well-defined electrical connections and gas interfaces.

For this, a special module which includes thermal isolation, current collector, temperature sensors, voltage sensing etc. is often required. Fraunhofer IKTS developed and evaluated a set of various stack modules for different system sizes and power ranges. Based on its long-term experience a reliable and cost-effective solution can be designed and implemented starting from single-stack integration and ending with modules including multiple stacks. Fraunhofer IKTS offers customized CFY stack integration even in case of challenging requirements, and together with mPower it builds a bridge to novel customized solutions.